Sunday, March 15, 2020

Personal Computers essays

Personal Computers essays In the last 1,000 years what has been the most revolutionary development? The answer would be the personal computer! Never has such a development been so promising, yet devastating at the same time. This miraculous invention comes two sided, the heads side being that we are now a very fast paced, and technologically advanced country, the tails side being that we now have in our midst a whole different accessibility to pornography, a decrease in physical activity of Americans, and a severe increase in opportunity for fraud and hacking. Before the personal computer was released to the public, only the mainframes existed. These mainframes took as much space as a Costco warehouse would take today! They were made up of PVC pipes and huge air-conditioning units for cooling the pipes off. Mainframes were primarily used for businesses or scientific studies. Personal computers brought a whole new light to the computer industry. Following the invention of the personal computer, a network was created by the military called the Internet. The Internet was made for the purpose that if an enemy were to strike us, we would have a network that was indestructible, consisting of independent servers all around the world. The military decided to extend this network to anyone who had a personal computer, thus creating a mass evolutionary transformation in the way everyone would communicate in the future. Along with this very good event came some sick people with the idea of pornography in mind. These people capitalized on the open market and it is now the most profitable profession on the Internet. In this past year there have been around 2,000 new sites every month. Like it or not, the online pornography industry has a knack for getting people to part with their money. Most mainstream Web sites do not. (Sun1) Another problem Americans face is the laziness of sitting down at a computer all day and not getting any physical activity. "...

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