Thursday, November 21, 2019

How is this artefact the product of a particular historical and Essay - 2

How is this artefact the product of a particular historical and cultural environment - Essay Example In addition, the screen that is the size of an A4 enables the user to access clear pictures. The laptop was therefore an innovative personal computer that enhanced the application of the computer in various settings. The laptop, which is one of the many forms of a personal computer, is a readily available item that people in the modern day utilize extensively. Laptops are made from various materials depending on the manufacturers’ designs. However, they are primarily made from varying proportions of a mixture of metal, rubber, glass and plastic. The screen is made from glass that is supported by a hardened form of plastic. The internal gadgetry consists of wires, electric boards, capacitors, batteries and a hard disk. Manufactures make extensive use of different types of metals. The manufactures prefers to use copper in the wires owing to its conductivity traits while they also use aluminium in the general structure owing to its strength and lightness that contributes to the portability of the. Ordinarily, the outer surface is made from plastic that is water resistant, tough and does not rust. The features and composition of each laptop varies depending on the customers’ needs, the computer brand and the capacity of each computer. For instance, laptop used by the military in the field are covered using harder materials to av oid destruction. By contrast, laptops made for the ordinary people tend to be fragile since they are used limited times. Company philosophy also contributes to the structure. Some entities in the laptops sector make laptops in very few colours. For instance, Apple only paints its laptops silver grey or black. Therefore, laptops will vary in colour, size and composition owing to the varying visions of manufactures and the customers. The laptop is a computer gadget, which requires numerous electronic items that will enable it work

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